PureSPIRIT Nose and Paw Balm – Adult

PureSPIRIT Nose and Paw Balm – Adult – contains a high concentration of vegetable butters: Marigold, Almond and Cocoa, Vegetable Oils: Almond, Chamomile and Vitamin E.

Intended for use: Due to the high concentration of active components and their interaction, the balm softens, nourishes and regenerates cracked and thickened paws pads. The balm protects the paws from cold, moisture, snow and ice in winter.

Application: Apply the balm with a cloth or hand on clean paws pads, every time before going for a walk. Also massage the balm gently on the skin between the fingers. The balm can be applied several times a day, depending on needs.


It’s working great for all pets:

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