MgPET Universal Shampoo – Pomegranate

MgPET Universal Shampoo is based on magnesium compounds, which enables bathing without tears, does not dry the skin, gently maintains dog hygiene, deodorizes, neutralizes odors, and it’s safe for dogs of all breeds and owners. MgPET Universal Shampoo is carefully formulated to nourish, keep skin and hair in perfect condition, giving it a brilliant shine and softness, the pH value is adjusted to the optimal needs of dog skin.

Intended for use: Due to the high concentration of active ingredients and their synergy, the shampoo softens, hydrates, and regenerates the dog’s fur and skin. The shampoo is especially recommended for washing sensitive skin. It is suitable for frequent use.

Application: Moisten the fur with heated water. Gently and evenly apply the shampoo on the fur, avoiding eye and ear contact. For heavily soiled fur, the process can be repeated one more time. After washing, rinse the fur thoroughly and dry with a towel.

Storage: Keep the tightly closed package in a dry and cool place at room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


Scent: Pomegranate

Available size: 200 ml

It’s working great for all pets: