MgPET Spray-on Conditioner – Pomegranate

MgPET Spray-on Conditioner contains magnesium compounds and a high concentration of nutrients. MgPET Spray-on Conditioner, carefully formulated to nourish, keep skin and hair in perfect condition, giving it a brilliant shine, softness, and scent, the pH value is adjusted to the optimal needs of dog skin.

Purpose of the product: MgPET Spray-on Conditioner facilitates combing, revitalizes, softens, hydrates the dog’s fur and making it shinier. Removes unpleasant odors, refreshes skin and fur. It is intended for all colors and types of dog’s fur.

Application: MgPET Spray-on Conditioner spray on the dog’s hair from about 15 cm of the distance. While drying fur it protects from drying out and facilitates combing. With the recommended daily use of this preparation on dry fur, it makes combing easier, prevents the formation of knots and makes the fur shinier, softer and more fragrant. If the product is applied to moist fur, do not rinse it.

Storage: Keep the tightly closed package in a dry and cool place at room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


Scent: Pomegranate

Available size: 200 ml

It’s working great for all pets: