Chelated PetVitCare – Supplement


Chelated PetVitCare is a dietary supplement for all breeds and ages of dogs and cats, which with its formula and balanced combination of chelated vitamins and minerals provides healthy growth and vitality, acts in preventing diseases and strengthens their immunity. The chelated form supports optimal absorption and assimilation, which ensures a very high percentage of efficiency.

Chelated PetVitCare can be used for all ages and breeds, working, fertile and hunting dogs during intensive training or during the hunting season, raises overall resistance to diseases and infections, compensates for eating disorders, strengthens teeth and bones, improves metabolism, condition and appearance of dogs and/or cats.

The package contains: 60 CHEWABLES, Net weight: 45g


VETSPIRIT Supplements

Regular, daily recommended dose:

Use Chelated PetVitCare for at least 5 weeks to achieve the best results.

Daily recommended dose:

1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Enhanced-therapeutic daily recommended dose:

Increased dose of Chelated PetVitCare is recommended for: increased physical activity of dogs (training, racing, hunting, or similar), exposure to stressful situations (transport, high outside temperatures, recovery from illness, infection, injury, surgery, etc.), in pregnancy and lactation.

2 tablets per 10 kg of body weight.