Calcium+ – Supplement


Calcium+ is a high-quality dietary supplement. Due to the increased content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins D3, A and E balanced both in relation to each other and in relation to physiological needs, it is recommended in the diet of puppies, young dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs, providing them healthy growth and vitality.

To prevent leg curvature and skeletal deformities, it is recommended that you enrich your dog’s regular diet with an extra intake of calcium. In large breeds and/or dogs that grow rapidly, there is a much greater need for extra calcium.

Calcium+ should be given to pregnant and lactating dogs as protection against calcium loss. The use of Calcium+ in pregnant dogs has a favorable effect on the proper development of the fetus, especially in the formation of the skeletal system.

The package contains: 60 CHEWABLES, Net weight: 45g

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Regular, daily recommended dose:

1 tablet per 5 kg of body weight a dog.

  • Small Breeds (up to 5kg) – 1 tablet
  • Medium Breeds (6-10kg) – 2 tablets
  • Large Breeds (11-15kg) – 3-4 Tablets
  • Very Large Breeds (over 15kg) – 4 tablets